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About TDM Homes

TDM Homes was founded by Trent and Heidi Montgomery. A passion for design and project management was ignited when they began their building ventures in 2008. Since then TDM homes has been constructing homes in the Waikato and Tauranga region.
One of TDM's core values is to develop excellent relationships with clients, where honesty is the key foundation. It is this honesty that provides a transparent building experience where there are no unexpected surprises. 

Having excellent relationships with clients allows us to identify and cater towards what YOU believe is most important, whether it's the date of completion or a refined budget, we can make it happen, all without compromising the quality of work. 

TDM Homes is independently owned and operated, which means we can provide a personal service that will far exceed your expectations. We have a range of over 20 house plans available which we can manipulate to best suit your site and needs.

The TDM Homes Team

TDM Homes provide an innovative and collaborative service where our clients are at the forefront of all decisions made. TDM Homes is a locally owned business with a range of passionate team members.

Our Core Values


TDM Homes have strong moral values. You can trust that they will build your home with integrity and stand proudly by their work


When you begin your journey begins with TDM Home's our commitment begins and we aim to assure that we finish all aspects of your build to the highest standard.


We at TDM Home's take the trust you have put in us very seriously and aim to provide you the customer with your dream home.


TDM Homes believe strongly in respect, we understand that a home can be the biggest investment in someones lifetime so we want to work together and will always show respect and professionalism to our clients.

TDM Homes want to provide you with the best experience when planning and building your home. Our Draft Room team can design and plan the perfect house for you and your site which Greg , Kellie and Andrew our designers will help craft your ideas into the perfect set of plans for your site.

We are constantly adapting and modernizing our base plans to match the ever changing demand in the market, these plans are nearly always used as a base which can be moulded to create your perfect home. Our plans range from cottages to large lifestyle homes and everything in-between. They also include townhouses and duplex options, which are becoming more popular with the changing market.

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